Angaza Nexus


Premium open-source technology for the PAYG industry

Angaza Nexus

Nexus is a suite of technology for building and managing secure pay-as-you-go (PAYG) devices. Nexus technologies and services allow product manufacturers to easily build secure products that can be sold on any PAYG platform, and allow PAYG platforms to sell any Nexus-compatible product, as well as products that use Angaza GSM wireless communication technology.

Nexus Services

Nexus API: The Nexus API is a complete device management platform. Manufacturers can create Nexus-compatible products that work on every PAYG platform, and each PAYG platform can sell any Nexus-compatible product. When using Nexus API, manufacturers can focus on building great products, PAYG platforms can focus on serving their customers’ operational needs, and we will focus on ensuring a secure and sophisticated device management experience.

Nexus Open-Source Technology

Nexus Keycode: Nexus Keycode is the industry standard keycode/token system for PAYG devices. Manufacturers can integrate this open-source technology into their firmware to easily create Nexus-compatible products. PAYG platforms can integrate this open-source technology to generate keycodes for devices they manage, or use the Nexus API full-service solution to gain access to the entire catalog of Nexus-compatible devices.

For manufacturers who want a turn-key PAYG embedded solution, we offer the Angaza PAYG Library, which includes Nexus Keycode and all the functionality needed for a PAYG device, available both as firmware and as a coprocessor. Use of the Angaza PAYG Library also opens manufacturers up to the use of Angaza GSM for wireless products.

Nexus Channel: Nexus Channel is a secure device-to-device application platform that enables manufacturers to build metered accessories, PAYG devices that are controlled by one “controller” device. This allows distributors to sell metered product bundles that are secure (the accessories will only function when “linked” to one specific controller) and updated via a single keycode.

Nexus Channel is based on existing IoT industry standards, adapted to the constrained hardware used in the PAYG product industry. It is both an open standard and open-source, allowing manufacturers to either use the pre-built Nexus Channel firmware or develop their own compatible firmware.