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Open-source technology for the PAYG industry.

Nexus Channel

Nexus Channel is an experimental transport-agnostic application layer for secure communication between resource-constrained devices.

A primary use-case of Nexus Channel is to allow a single controller device (e.g. a solar home system) to control the pay-as-you-go state of several accessories (or appliances). The entire bundle of devices can be managed on one PAYG account, and the accessories are secured to function only when connected to their paired controller.

However, the Nexus Channel technology is extensible to any use-case that requires secure communication between devices, and product manufacturers are encouraged to use this open-source technology to enable better user experiences!

Check out the code on GitHub.

Nexus Channel is an implementation of the Open Connectivity Foundation specification, an IoT industry standard, targeted towards extremely resource-constrained devices. The key innovations include:

Warning: Experimental

Nexus Channel is an experimental technology. Angaza has developed this technology, and released it under a permissive open-source license, in order to advance the industry state-of-the-art. Angaza does not provide technical support for Nexus Channel software or any products that may embed or use this technology.