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General PAYG Product Recommendations

If you are new to developing products or new to the PAYG space, here are some additional resources you might find helpful.

Product Certification:

Product Consideration Checklist:

PAYG User Interface

ID Name Visual Description
0 None N/A
1 Message Invalid Twelve short blinks (~50ms)
2 Message Valid / Duplicate Three long blinks (~500ms)
4 Message Applied Six long blinks (~500ms)
5 Key Accepted One short blink (~100ms)
6 Key Rejected Three short blinks (~50ms)

Battery Safety

Product Lifespan

Rate Limiting Keycode Entry

- To prevent 'brute force' attacks, where many keycodes are entered
one another another until a 'valid' keycode is found, we recommend implementing
rate limiting for keycode entry attempts. No more than one keycode per minute
(averaged over a day) should be accepted into the unit. This applies to both
*valid* and *invalid* keycodes (rate limiting should be applied before
attempting to 'process' the keycode).