Angaza Nexus


Open-source technology for the PAYG industry.

PAYG Platforms

Do you want to support Nexus products on your platform?

To generate keycodes for Nexus devices, you need:

  1. An implementation of the Nexus Keycode encoder. We provide two open-source implementations of the keycode encoder. Check out the repositories for more details:
  2. The device’s secret key (which is set permanently when the device is provisioned)
  3. An unused message ID: In order to prevent reuse of keycodes, the device remembers each message ID it has seen. To generate a working keycode, it is necessary to generate it with a message ID that has not already been used on this device. This requires a single source of truth that keeps track of device state.

Using one of the open-source encoder implementations listed above (or writing your own according to the specification in this page and the existing implementations if you use something other than Python or Java), you can generate keycodes based on PAYG account events.

At that point, the details of device management differ considerably based on the platform and business model, but looks roughly similar to this: